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We wanted to dedicate our first article to what we love the most here at Nubian Hostel… Music. And what is better than Music? Live Music!! So, we will provide you with the best music venues in Athens where you can listen to some of your favorite artists (plus some you never heard of), mix with the locals and get the vibes this crowd can give out. So, keep reading and you will find out where all the big music events happen, where Athens’ music lovers gather for Rock, Electronic or even Greek Folk live music, always with a positive mood!

#1 AN Club

After 38 years in the local underground music scene, An Club is the Godfather of all live venues in Athens and most of the rock artists you know have performed at this landmark of the city’s music culture. Of course, nowadays musicians of many genres such as Hip Hop and Reggae have their time here, but Rock remains this venue’s much loved style with local bands  having gigs every weekend. In a walking distance for Nubian Hostel and near the Exarchia square, don’t miss the chance to check out this legendary place.

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Temple is a new entry in Athens’s live venues, but it is already one of our top favorites! With clear sound and a warm atmosphere, Temple has already presented us to few of the best artists of Electronic music (mostly Techno), Rock bands and local and foreign Hip Hop artists. You will find it at the heart of the city’s night life area and very close to the Metro station of Kerameikos, making it easy for you to get there and come back to your Hostel even if you want to dance till the morning. Check out their Facebook page for their upcoming events and parties and most probably they got you covered whatever your thing in music is.

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#3  Gagarin 205

In it’s full name it defines its self as a Live Music Space, because that’s exactly what it is. The line ups are insane at this venue bringing to the Athenian audience the superlative of the global music industry for more than 15 years. Although its true concert character, the Greek Cult Movie Festival is organized every year and music documentaries are in the schedule so don’t miss to check their website for all the upcoming events and you might be surprised.


#4 Six D.O.G.S.

This multi-venue that includes a live stage, a club, an art gallery, and a secret (!) cafe, really changed Athens’ nightlife and even the city center itself. Located in Monastiraki, Six D.O.G.S came almost 10 years ago to the music life of the capital and since then it remains a top choice having selected Electronic music artist playing at the club’s decks while it’s live scene has introduced us to some of the best artists of the local Rock, Experimental and Hip Hop. Occasionally all its’ facilities are open, and day to night festivals pop up every few weekends.

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#5 FUZZ Club

Probably the busiest venue in Athens where live concerts take place almost every weekend with a huge variety of artists, styles and rhythms.  Although it is not located at the center of the city the performances are mostly sold out and with the capacity of 1000 people the atmosphere is exploding. Both local and foreign groups get on the stage and the concert goers of Athens know that FUZZ is a venue of real quality.

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#6 Athens Concert Hall

Mostly known as Megaron, it is considered one of the most advanced cultural venues in the world. Here you will come if you want to listen to top orchestras and musical ensembles, with great acoustic that takes the musical experience to a whole different level. Located in the center of Athens, in one of the buildings that are a landmark for the architecture of the city. But what you will really love, are the The Concert Hall Gardens where during the summer outdoor concerts and ensembles are organized with the locals sitting on the grass while listening to the crème de la crème of classical and Greek musicians.


#7 Half Note Jazz Club

But not only Jazz. Many Greek contemporary and avant garde musicians perform at this old time classic for the city’s Jazz aficionados with an authentic atmosphere and the vibe of a Brooklyn live stage. If you are interested in sitting on a table, treat yourself with a good spirit and feel the emotions only Jazz can awake, then this is the place for you. Booking in advance is highly recommended since no other venue in Athens is so dedicated to this fine music genre and the line ups are considered selected.


#8 Stavros tou Notou

This venue serves the Greek music culture for the last 20 years and all the artists that are considered to be known for their music quality have performed on it’s stage. If you want to discover the local music scene and how Athenians enjoy on their very own rhythms, then you should definitely  visit. Where else can you hear Greeks singing loudly on songs that touch their souls?


#9 Piraeus Academy

One of the most diverse live stages you can find in Athens. Musicians from Post-Rock, Indie, Dark-Wave are at the front line and Plissken Festival takes place every year with more than 40 artists on the list. A true concert hall with excellent sound, every live show organized here makes the Athenian music fans have this place packed.

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#10 Odeon of Herodes Atticus

This ancient theater, built in 161AD will leave you stunning with it’s acoustic and listening to a music concert while sitting on the marble seats is a unique experience for every music lover. Operas, musicals, ancient tragedies, during the spring and the summer period, gather thousands of people and with 5000 capacity there is enough space for many locals to enjoy. But even Sting and other top musicians have performed, since it is considered a privilege for artists to give a live show in a theater people are entertained for more than two thousand years.  If you don’t have the chance to attend a concert, you can pay a visit during the day as part of your sightseeing.


We really hope you found this article useful and make it part of your visit to Athens. Check out our blog often since we are going to introduce you to all the great things you can see, do and feel during your stay. Nubian Hostel in the heart of Athens, at a walking distance to most of the major attractions and well connected with the transportation system. Look for prices and availability at our website and find the perfect stay for your trip.

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