Updated 22/03/2021

The time for traveling again has finally come! Greece did an excellent job in handling the Covid-19 situation and every necessary measure was taken to keep the country as safe as possible. With the same spirit, we are ready to welcome our guests and to make sure that your visit in Athens is carefree and safe, especially in regards to corona virus.

During the lock-down period, here at Nubian Hostel we prepared ourselves for the new conditions of hospitality, which we will implement for as long as the virus is still around ‒ even now that the spread is at its minimum in our beautiful country. By following the Government guidelines and adding some extra measures of our own, we can ensure a smooth stay for everyone in our hostel. Cleanliness and hygiene are always our top priority.

Below you can read some of our actions that will help us manage and prevent covid-19 spread:

  • Only few of our dormitory rooms are available, the ones that ensure the necessary distance between the guests. The rest of our dorms can be booked only as a private room, so if you are travelling with your friends now it is the time to book a whole 4-bed or 6-bed dorm for yourselves! Double private rooms are available too.
  • We work closely with an outsourcing certified consultant to guide our housekeeping team for the best results in the disinfection of all our areas.
  • We use approved alcohol-based materials for the cleaning of all our areas.
  • We frequently clean and sanitize all the critical touching points of the hostel such as door handles, handrails, tables etc.
  • All our staff members have been trained according to the recent Health Protocols issued by the Ministries of Health and Tourism.
  • We introduce contactless check-in process through WhatsApp.
  • Disinfectants are available in all our public areas for free use for our guests and staff. Hand soap and paper towels are also provided in all our rooms.
  • During breakfast, we follow the guidelines about social distancing and the maximum number of guests allowed to be in the area at the same time. Our back yard, which is an open space, will be the main eating area.
  • Upon arrival all our guests will have their temperature measured and complete a health information form.
  • Our common kitchen will be closed for guests after a government order that applies to all hostels in Greece until further notice

If you want to find more coronavirus related information about tourism in Greece you can click the Re-Open EU website here.

If you have any questions concerning your stay with us, our staff will be more than happy to answer them. You can reach us by email or WhatsApp.

See you soon!

The Nubian Hostel Team


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